Sweet Baby (Toddler) Girl!

Lily has come into her own personality and it is so cute however she does throw tantrums occasionally especially when she is tired. Last night I was reading to her a touch and feel book and she would feel it and then take my thumb and make me feel it as well. Lily now has 8 teeth fully in and her 1 set of top molars have broke the skin but just not in fully. Lily took her first trip to the zoo and she loved it especially the pig because mommy makes pig noises to her and at the zoo the pig did it back to us and she just laughed! She also took her first trip to the ocean a couple of weeks ago and she didn't leave my side when I took her down in the water she stayed right with me. At first she was afraid of the water but then she grew to love it. Lily has tubes in her ears so we bought a little swim cap to put on her that would cover her ears because she loved to splash in the pool. She has become very adventurous and loves to climb on the furniture and just about anything else she can climb up. As of right now she has not climbed out of her crib but I am expecting it soon. Currently Lily is wearing 12 months some 18 months and a size 4 diaper. I switched to Luvs diapers especially at night because that was the only kind that seems to hold her at night and she doesn't wake up soaking wet the next morning. I love my sweet little girl and wish I could spend more time with her than what I get to.


Lily 1 Year Old!

I know, I know, I am a month behind but I am just having a chance to post because we have had a crazy month full of sickness! Lily now has 6 teeth including 1 that came in on her birthday. We went for Lily's check up on 2/18 and here were her stats: H-29.3 inches (57%), W-18 lb 6 oz (12%), Head Circumference-47 cm (93%). She did drop in her weight from the 23% to 12% however they are not too concerned because her height and head have continued to grow and she has had many ear infections. Lily had 3 ear infections since December and 5 total in a year therefore she had to have tubes put in her ears. It was a scary process putting tubes in her ear just because she had to be put to sleep. The worst part was when she was in recovery and she cried for about 1hour 1/2 because she didn't understand what happened and she couldn't keep her eyes opened. She has taken two wobbly steps however is not fully walking yet. She is determined that she is going to do things in her own time including walking everytime we try to stand her up she just sits right down and then crawls to pull up on something. We bought her two pairs of stride rite's this weekend and they are so cute on her! She is very independant and she is starting to get upset when we don't give her what she wants when she wants it! I have tried teaching her some sign language and she has come up with her own it seems. Instead of saying "all done" when eating she throws her hand down and grunts as if she is saying none! Lily loves bananas, mandarian oranges, pears, bread, yogurt, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and applesauce. Lily is usually sleeping from about 8pm until 7:30 am now however she has more teeth coming in so she wakes up occasionally in the night but usually puts herself back to sleep. She is a fun baby and loves to play with Zoe (the dog) and Emma (the cat) as well as all of her toys including her little people that she carries around with her when she is crawling. She just fills my heart with so much love and joy when she giggles or laughs! Lily loves to play "Where's Lily or Mommy" as well as chasing her saying "I'm gonna get her". Mommy loves you so much Lily and I am so thankful for the miracle you are!


Eight Months Old!


Lily, you are such a precious and sweet baby! This is just a list of what you are doing now that you are eight months old!

  • You got your first tooth on Oct 3RD and it is one of you bottom ones.
  • You are on the move now! You have been up on your hands and knees for two weeks now and I have seen you pick up your left knee three times in an attempt to move it forward! You find ways to get around to what you want though! You scoot backwards, roll and occasionally you pull your self forward!
  • You are now eating fruits and so far have had apples and peaches and you love both. You still don't like carrots too well but are still eating peas, green beans, squash and sweet potatoes. You eat cereal and a vegetable in the morning and cereal and a fruit in the evening.
  • You are sleeping from around 9:00pm until 7:30am consistently and occasionally wake up if your teeth are bothering you but will put yourself back to sleep. You still don't like to go to bed or take naps at times but you have gotten better with both. We still have to let you cry it out sometimes!
  • You are talking or squealing all the time and say mama and dada throughout the day! You will sit with your monkey Mily and just talk to her the whole time!
  • You are still wearing some of your 3-6 month clothes but mostly wear the 6-9 months just because of length. You are now wearing a size 3 diapers and it is always Pampers with Huggies wipes!
  • You still like to give people loving and pretend to eat their face while you smile and squeal!
  • You are very ticklish especially under your left arm and your tummy!
  • You have started to fake cough because you realize you get attention and when we look at you there is nothing but a big smile on your face.
  • You laugh out loud all the time and get so excited especially when you try to "fly".

Lily, you are such a special little baby and a blessing to your mama and daddy who love you very, very much!


Lily Seven Months!

Lily is such a great baby and she has the sweetest little personality! She has been up on her knees rocking back and forth the past week and it shouldn't be long before she starts crawling. She is basically sitting up on her own now but can't stay there a long, long time yet! She still has not gotten any teeth and she is getting ready to start fruit today! I have given her all vegetables so far since our pediatrician suggested that. She likes: Green beans, peas, squash and sweet potatoes however she does not like the carrots too good. Lily said her first word back in August and it was DaDa and she has said MaMa but she doesn't say either one consistently or when prompted yet. It is so hard to keep everyone updated on everything since I work M-F from 8:30-5:00 or 6:00 some nights. After work I just want to spend as much time with Lily as I can so updating things become second. Fall is here and it is mine and Ford's favorite season and I will be dressing Lily up as a butterfly this year for Halloween courtesy of Grammie and Papa! So excited to go through this holiday season with my beautiful family!


Lily Six Months!!

It is so hard to believe that Lily was six months old on the 18th! She is such a great baby she only fusses when she is hungry, tired or when her gums are hurting her. She has been teething for a while now but has yet to get any teeth! We took her to the doctor on the 20th for her six month checkup and shots and her are her stats: Weight-15lb 6oz/40%, Height-25 inches/ 24%, Head Circumference- 44.1cm/ 89% and she is still wearing 3-6 month clothes. She has reached all of her developmental mile stones and she is doing so well! She is such a happy baby and a true blessing to Ford and me. We took her yesterday to get her six month pictures and got naked shots and she did so well. She was like a little model just posing for the photographer! She is now eating cereal along with some baby food. Our pediatrician recommended we start with the green veg tables so we started with green beans and now she is eating green peas. She is so funny trying to feed her she keeps her tongue moving so most of it ends up on her. She just has the most precious personality and loves to be tickled and she loves books! Keep watching naked pics to come it is just difficult since we don't have our computer so I am much slower on things lately!


Lily Four Months Old!

We went on the 18th for Lily's four month visit and she is now up to 12lbs 5oz and 24 1/4 inches long. That night was a night of firsts it was the first time she had rice cereal and it was the first night she slept in her crib. Lily is teething and drools so much from teething and blowing bubbles that she goes through a bib every hour. She has rolled over to the left many times and has rolled over to the right three times as well as from her back to her stomach a few times. She is so observant and loves to stand with mommy and daddy. Her personality is coming through and she smiles a lot, laughs out loud, coos and she will try to sing back to me when I sing to her. Ford and I are so blessed to have such a happy child and we love her so very much!

First night in her crib!

Just chillin :)

Daddy's girl!


The Lord Answers Prayers!

Praise the Lord! We got the cat scan results back and Lily does not have to have any kind of surgery or helmet! It turns out the place on her head is just going to heal itself and she doesn't need anything! She did get put on medicine for acid reflux because she has not been eating too well and they think it may be due to acid reflux. I just pray she starts eating better and we can get her all fixed! I go back to work on Monday so it is certainly going to be an adjustment for me! Until Ford finds a job he is going to be keeping her so I am thankful for that especially since she has not been eating well. We are just so thankful that she does not need a helmet or surgery and just praise the Lord for it!


Update on Lily!

Well we went last Thursday to the neurosurgeon and he sent us yesterday for a cat scan of Lily's head. He said that one part of her skull is higher than the other and that is the reason for the ridge in her head. He said that if it has fused together any than she will either need a helmet or worst case would be she would need surgery. We pray that it is not fused but if it is we pray that it can be fixed with a helmet. Some insurance company's will not pay for the helmets so we would have to do a fundraiser to try to raise the money because a helmet is around $2000.00. We had to take her to the doctor today because she has not been eating too well and he said that she had thrush in the back of her throat. If she doesn't start eating by Thursday then we have to go back to him and he will look at the possibility of her having acid reflux. My poor baby is just going through it and we appreciate all the prayers. I told Ford the other day that the Lord must have something really good for Lily to do in her life because the devil is really been after her in the womb and now. Once again thank you for the support and the prayers I will keep you posted.


Lily at 2 Months!

We went last Friday for Lily's two month appointment. She is developing well and was up to 9lbs 13oz (30th percentile), and 23 inches (80th percentile). She has rolled over twice already but I don't think she really understood what she was doing because she hasn't repeated it for a couple of weeks. She is doing really well holding up her head and smiling more and more each day. She had to get her shots one in each thigh and then one that was given orally. It was so sad seeing her get her shots and it is one of the top three things I hate doing as a parent but must. The doctor was concerned about her head and is sending us to a neurosurgeon next Thursday to get x-rays done to make sure her head has not closed prematurely. We are praying that it is nothing and that if it is something that it can be fixed by Lily wearing a helmet and that she would not have to have surgery of any kind. We are trusting in the Lord and no matter what He has given me a peace about it. Thank you for all of you prayers and for your continued support I will keep you posted!